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Website creator: Maria Pretzler, Swansea University

Contact: m.pretzler(at)swansea.ac.uk

This website does not at the moment have its own interactive section. If you would like to discuss Aeneas Tacticus, please go to his facebook page.

I am open for suggestions of Aeneas-related content for this website.

  • Do you know of any material online which should be linked on this site?
  • Have you written something on Aeneas which you'd like to showcase here?
  • Do you know of a really good student project on Aeneas (or on a passage in Aeneas) which might find room here?
  • Do you know of anyone who has tried any of Aeneas' suggestions (in the real world or in a virtual form) and documented their activity in some way?

I am particularly looking for illustrations - serious, technical ones, but some passages could also do with an interpretation by a gifted cartoonist. If anybody would like to have a go, please get in touch with me.

NB: I reserve full editorial control. This website is supposed to be fun, but it aims at high quality. I reserve the right to refuse any suggestions on these or any other grounds.

A note on ancient Greek:
It is very difficult to display ancient Greek in a form that will be equally readable on all devices, platforms and browers. The Greek text has been provided in Unicode format (using the extended character set) which is by now very widely available. As an alternative, each section is also presented as images, which amy, however, pose a problem on very small screens. If this is not sufficient, please refer to the bibliography for a list of editions which include the Greek text of Aeneas' work. The text is also available online at Perseus) and at the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (subject to subscription).



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